Agents and Editors

Our list of acquiring editors and agents for the Realm Makers conference is ever-evolving, so stop back occasionally for updates to this roster of professionals who will be in attendance at this year’s conference. To whet your appetite and convince you to get that manuscript spit-shined by July, here are a few of the professionals who will be taking appointments at the conference.

Joshua Chadd

Blade of Truth Publishing

Blade of Truth is a small publishing company owned and operated by a husband and wife team. We’re dedicated to giving you a personalized publishing experience based on your needs. We’re looking for all types of novel-length speculative fiction and enjoy seeing layered world-building, complex characters, and twists on common tropes. These stories shouldn’t be overly Christian as we aim for a general audience and welcome edgy themes that still convey hope and truth.

Anthony G. Cirilla

Bear Publications

Anthony is an assistant professor of English at College of the Ozarks, where he teaches writing and literature, including fiction writing and Tolkien. He writes fairy-tales, epic fantasy, and a little science fiction. Editorial Needs Bear Publications publishes original stories of speculative fiction written with Christian themes or by Christian authors.

Miralee Ferrell

Editor, Mountainbrook Ink

Miralee Ferrell is an award-winning, best-selling author of 26 novels. Her most recent novel, From the Heart, will air in 2020 on TV. Finding Love in Bridal Veil, Oregon, should also air in 2020. Miralee is the owner and founder of Mountain Brook Ink, a traditional publisher with a number of award-winning titles. They started a new speculative fiction line in December of 2019 and kicked off the first annual Fire Award in March, 2020. Miralee lives in the Pacific N.W. with her husband, sixteen chickens, and one very spoiled little dog. They have two children and one grandchild, and she’s an avid horsewoman and gardener.

Editorial Needs:

We are actively seeking stories in the following genres and/or that contain the following elements:

Fantasy – Contemporary, Epic, Fairytales (In short: we’re pretty open to most fantasy!)

Science Fiction – Futuristic and Space Epics (Also excited about YOUR take on sci-fi!)

Other Speculative Themes – Spiritual Warfare, Supernatural, Superheroes, Steampunk, we will consider dystopian

We do not want – Post apocalyptical, Paranormal, End times, Witchcraft, Zombies, Vampires and werewolves, Horror

Michele Harper

Acquisitions Editor; Love2ReadLove2Write Publishing, LLC

Love2ReadLove2Write Publishing is a small traditional press, dedicated to clean or Christian speculative fiction. Currently obtaining for our 2020 production schedule, Michele and her team seek manuscripts that are professional, gripping, and wholesome, all with fantastical or sci-fi elements.

Manuscripts must be complete, and although we ask for a one-sheet and a business card during the pitch session, we also request a proposal and the first three chapters be emailed to us directly after the pitch session. Thank you! 

Linda Howard

Editor, Tyndale Publishing

Editorial Needs

YA. Middle Grade fiction and devotionals for families and kids of all ages. Books that will fit into our publishing partnership with Compassion International.

Brian Kohl

Acquisitions Editor, Canonball Books

Canonball Books is the fiction imprint of Canon Press. They publish children’s, middle grade, and young adult speculative fiction by Christian authors (not necessarily for the Christian market). 

Rowena Kuo

CEO & Executive Editor, Brimstone Fiction
Development Executive Producer, LPC Media

Rowena Kuo is the CEO and executive editor for Brimstone Fiction. She is also the Development Executive Producer for Lighthouse Productions of the Carolinas. With over 15 years of ministering to children, youth groups, young adults, women, and family groups, Rowena advocates for writers to build God-centered support systems consisting of people, perseverance, practice, and most of all, prayer. She has written for Christian Devotions, Written World Communications, Splickety, and the 168 Write of Passage. When not working on words or films, she is a full-time mom with secret aspirations for spaceflight.

Editorial Needs

Brimstone Fiction seeks engaging, well-written stories in the genres of Speculative Fiction (YA Science Fiction and YA Fantasy) and chiller thrillers with supernatural/paranormal elements. I will be open to considering all genres of fiction, but I will be more interested in your work if you already know your audience. During appointments, I would like to see a one-sheet and the first chapter of your novel. I look for authors with enthusiasm and a willingness to develop their writing skills, whether they are just at the beginning of their writing career or multi-published world-wide. Although Brimstone Fiction maintains a Christian worldview, our audience will extend to the general market. I look forward to meeting you, no matter where you are on your career path as you continue your journey to publication.

Steve Laube

The Steve Laube Agency

Editorial Needs

All forms of speculative fiction – adult or YA.

As an agent we have more success with YA.

As the publisher of Enclave we publish a wide range of projects.

Kenzi Nevins


Kenzi is an award-winning writer and literary agent with a passion for magic realism and mythology. A graduate of Taylor University’s professional writing and theatre programs, she joined Cyle Young Literary Elite in 2018 as an agent representing illustrators, author/illustrators, children’s books, middle grade, YA, and graphic novels. She has been awarded second place for theatre journalism and critique from the Kennedy Center for American College Theatre, placed three times in the Serious Writer awards for YA fiction, and her short story, “The Last Freedom,” was published in eBook and paperback by StoryShares in 2017. At this time, Kenzi is specifically looking for YA and MG. She’s especially interested in STEM topics, regional mythology, fairy tale retellings, or anything with a whimsical air. When she isn’t writing, Kenzi can be found watering her fairy garden, experimenting with little-known tea flavors, or wandering the aisles of her small-town Kentucky library. You can connect with her on Instagram (kenzimelodyauthor) and Twitter (@Kenzi_Melody), or on her website,

Editorial Needs:

YA and MG, especially urban fantasy, fantasy, magic realism, and fairy tale retellings. I love Vikings, pirates, and fairies!

Alyssa Roat


Alyssa Roat is a literary agent at Cyle Young Literary Elite, the publicity manager at Mountain Brook Ink, a

freelance writer, a YA novelist, and an editor with Sherpa Editing Services. She holds a degree in professional writing from Taylor University. Over

150 of her works have been featured in various publications, from newspapers, to national

magazines, to anthologies. Her YA contemporary fantasy “Wraithwood” will be releasing Nov. 7, 2020 with INtense Publications, and her YA superhero romance “Dear Hero,” cowritten with Hope Bolinger, releases Jan. 20, 2021.

Editorial Needs:
Please someone bring me some steampunk! That said, middle grade and YA are my favorite but I’m down for adult as well. Hardcore military sci-fi and space opera are probably not for me, but I like a unique take on sci-fi. I’m open to anything speculative and bonus points for history, legends, nonwestern settings, and unique magic systems.

Uncommon Universes Press

Uncommon Universes Press is seeking YA/NA and adult stories for their imprints RimSpark (speculative fiction), Crosshair (action-adventure contemporary), and Steel Rigg (edgy speculative fiction and action-adventure that explores dark or challenging aspects). A UUP story has strong themes of wonder, adventure, and sacrifice, as well as a vibrant, cinematic scope and lines worthy of their own memes.


Andrew Winch

Editor, Havok Publishing

As its name suggests, Havok is looking for hard-hitting stories that keep readers coming back for more. We publish across multiple genres (mystery, thriller, scifi, fantasy, and comedy), and we keep things fresh with a different theme each month. Stories must be between 300-1000 words in length and must be PG-13 or lower. Check out for more information.