The Skinny on Realm Makers Appointments

The Skinny on Realm Makers Appointments

Appointments are a draw for many Realm Makers attendees. If you’re new to the conference, you might be confused about the different opportunities that are available. Let’s look at the different type of appointment types that will be offered this year, so you can choose the ones that best suit where you are in your writing journey.

Before we start, it’s important to mention that appointments are offered during conference sessions, so you’ll need to plan your time accordingly. Recordings for sessions you are unable to attend for whatever reason will be available for purchase.



Paid critiques from Realm Makers faculty are available for purchase when you register for the conference. These slots are popular and fill quickly.

The way they work is that sometime in March you will submit the first 10 pages (plus title page) of a work of speculative fiction as a .doc/docx attachment. The appointment coordinator will send your submission to your Critiquer. Your critique will be returned prior to conference so that you can review it and revise your work accordingly (in case you’re planning to pitch it at conference).

Then, at conference, you will meet with your Critiquer for 30 minutes to discuss the critique and ask any questions you might have.

Paid critiques are recommended for writers who want in depth feedback from a specific faculty member.



Agent/editor appointments are for conference attendees with complete and polished (publication-ready) manuscripts. These are also known as PITCH appointments. Each appointment is 15 minutes, and this is your time to pitch your manuscript to agents and publishers (acquiring editors).

For each day of conference that you pay to attend, you receive one (1) agent/editor appointment. If you are attending the entire conference, that means you are eligible for two (2) agent/editor (pitch) appointments. (These appointments must be with different people.)

Pitch appointments are first come, first served. We use a software program that allows attendees to sign up for appointments themselves. So, invitations to schedule these appointments are sent in the order attendees registered, and attendees will have 48 hours to schedule their appointments before additional attendees are invited to schedule theirs.



Mentor appointments are for anyone regardless of where they are on their writing journey. Mentors range from published novelists, to manuscript editors, to industry professionals. You don’t have to have a finished manuscript. You can ask questions, get feedback, brainstorm, or soak in the greatness of our mentors. Mentor/specialty appointments are available as 15- or 30-minute sessions, depending on the mentor.

Mentor appointments are recommended for anyone with questions about their manuscript or writing journey. If your story isn’t complete but you’d like an appointment, or if you want to practice pitching, sign up for one of our mentoring appointments.



Specialty appointments are a subset of mentoring appointment and differ year-to-year depending on who is attending conference. In the past we’ve offered consultations for accounting, marketing, Fight Write, and book cover design.



You can schedule both agent/editor AND mentor/specialty appointments if you’d like.

Appointment limits: (4 + paid critiques)

  • 2 agent/editor appointments –by registration date then first come, first served
  • 2 mentor/specialty appointments – first come, first served
  • Any paid critiques purchased



About the Appointment Coordinator

LISA GODFREES worked over a decade in a crime lab as both a DNA analyst and manager. Tired of technical writing, she hung up her lab coat to pen speculative fiction. Her short stories have appeared in anthologies and online. Lisa currently lives in Houston with one dog, two cats, a school of fish, two girls, and a husband. Since organization is her superpower, she dons her cape as Operation Manager/Editor at Havok Publishing and Appointment Coordinator for Realm Makers, because with great power comes great responsibility.


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