The Realm Awards: Category Finalists Announced

The Realm Awards: Category Finalists Announced

By Bethany Kaczmarek


Ladies, Gentlemen, Nerfherders.

The scores are in. The judges have spoken.

It is my great honor to share with you the top three books in each category!

To those who are about to advance, we salute you.






In no particular order (but take notes, because this is a phenomenal reading list)…



(continued drumroll…)




  • Edge of Oblivion – Joshua Johnston
  • Unblemished – Sara Ella
  • Terra Soul – SJ Abraham


  • Rebirth – Amy Brock McNew
  • Tainted – Morgan Busse
  • Cruel Messenger – Timothy Ayers


  • Ultimate Nyssa Glass – H.L. Burke
  • Unblemished – Sara Ella
  • The Broken Crown – Amryn Cross


  • Frayed – Kerry Nietz
  • New Name – Amy Williams
  • The Word Endangered – Steve Rzasa


  • Beast – Chawna Schroeder
  • A Green and Ancient Light – Frederic Durbin
  • King’s Folly – Jill Williamson


Readers, Spekkies, please join me in a hearty HUZZAH.

Each of these titles is now competing for category winner, and the top five overall scores in this upcoming round move on to fight for our book of the year…the Realm Award!

Share this post. Give the authors virtual fist-bumps and head-nods.

And then go right from here to nominate YOUR favorite speculative novels for the Alliance Award, because it’s readers’ choice ONLY. (You can nominate up to three.)

All winners will be announced at the Realm Makers Conference in Reno, Nevada this summer.

Be there.


About the Awards Director:

Bethany Kaczmarek loves to get lost in a good story. Even better? A fantastic story world with a voice that carries her along. She’s been known to wear out books and highlight her favorite lines to go back to again and again. So she knows the chance to have a hand in recognizing and celebrating excellent writing is an honor—one of the many reasons she loves being the Realm Makers Awards Director. But, for much of the year, Bethany is a homeschooling mom, an author, and a professional editor. An ACFW Editor of the Year finalist, Bethany has worked with writers all along the spectrum—from multi-published, award-winning authors to beginners. Though her debut novel, Strains of Silence (summer 2017) is merely a contemporary romance, she loves world-building and logs many wee-hours crafting a vastly different series—a medieval mythology and fairytale mashup. She and her sister share an editing umbrella—A Little Red Ink—and they love editing fiction (especially spec-fic). Using her love for story and story worlds, Bethany makes sure every thread is woven consistently throughout a manuscript—whatever the genre. Her goal is to help hard-working writers sound like gifted writers. And strangely enough, she believes a healthy dose of humor can make the revision process fun.

You can connect with her at

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