Into the Mind of Mary Weber

Hi Realmies, glad you’re here again for our next interview featuring Mary Weber. We are so excited to see what Mary has to say, so let’s dive on into her mind, shall we?


Are you a panster or a plotter?

Both! I type up a synopsis and rough outline – and then pants the rest. That is, until I get to the near-mid-section and, as David Farland mentioned in his interview here, freak out that my book is terrible. Then I sit down and rework it, and plot the last half before pantsing it again. (But seriously, if you’ve not read David’s interview and writing advice – GO DO IT. Good stuff.)


What is one piece of writing advice someone has given you that actually helped you?

Hire a writing mentor. A successful one. You and your creative soul are worth the investment.


What was your favorite movie as a child?

As a child? I’m going to say Star Wars. (Followed by the show 21 Jump Street because Johnny Depp, ahem.) As an adult, my favorites are Babe (yes, the pig one, because I cry every freaking time) and Underworld.



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Into the Mind of TJ da Roza

We’re here once again for another great Into the Mind post! TJ da Roza sits down with us today and we are eager to share what he says with you.



What inspires you to do what you do?

Story. The only way one can gain experience without living through something is through story and books. They shape who we are and who we will become because one can live inside a story and experience an event that would otherwise be impossible. I want to be a part of molding personalities for the better through books.


Do you work as a freelancer or are you employed by a business/organization?



Is there a step in your creative process or work life that you dread/loathe/wish you could throw over the side of a cliff with a mill stone tied around its neck?

Comparable titles!!! They are seriously the worst! I’m looking for fresh and unique stories. Then I have to say they are like “x.” Ugh. And finding them for marketing! ugh. (more…)

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Into the Mind of James Rubart

Welcome back, Realmies for another exciting interview! Today we are delighted to have James Rubart talking with us! Let’s delve right in.


How many books did you write before being published?

None. Yeah, I know, crazy that the first novel I ever tried to write was published.


Why do you write speculative fiction? What draws you to it?

I never thought about it until someone pointed it out to me. (That I write spec fiction.) I was at a conference early in my career and an editor asked if I wrote spec. I said no, contemporary. He asked what my story was about. I said, “It’s about a guy that inherits this house that’s a physical manifestation of his soul.” He starts laughing and says my story is colossally spec. Again, I don’t think about it when I’m writing, I simply write the kind of stories that I’d love to read. It took me a long time to accept the fact that not everyone likes stories with spec elements in them. What’s wrong with them! Yes, at this point I realize we’re not all wired the same. And that’s okay … I think.



James shows off his powerful Water-bending skills. Er, Water skiing, yeah, that’s what we meant.

What is your favorite TV show?

LOST, greatest show ever to hit the small screen. Sorry, I’ll pretend I don’t hear you if you ask me about the final episode. It didn’t happen. I’m still waiting for it. (more…)

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Into the Mind of Kelsey Bowen

And we’re here once again, fellow Spekkies, and with us is editor Kelsey Bowen! Let’s take a peek into her mind today, shall we?


How did you get into writing?

I started writing short stories (sadly, they weren’t kept because floppy disks = extinct) as soon as I learned what Microsoft Works was. And reading was something I loved so much that I wanted to start creating my own characters and worlds. That love grew in me throughout my whole life and never went away. I don’t write as much as I edit and read these days because I lose myself in reading so often, but I’ll never lose that love of writing and creating new stories.


Is there a step in the writing process that you dread/loathe/wish you could throw over the side of a cliff with a mill stone tied around its neck?

As a writer, yes. I always start with a very clear picture of the beginning of a book I want to write, a fairly clear picture of what leads to the middle, and a very clear picture of how the book ends. But that space between the middle of the plot and the ending—that critical spot—takes me approximately one hundred years to figure out, and without the brainstorming of a beta reader, I’m not sure I could get through it!


If you could spend the day with one spec fic character, who would it be?

Probably Clary from The Mortal Instruments series. I think we could have some fun together. (more…)

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Into the Mind of Jill Williamson

Welcome, Realmies, to our next Into the Mind interview, where we are sitting down with author Jill Williamson to find out more about her. Let’s get started!
What was your favorite movie as a child?
Star Wars. I grew up without a TV. For my ninth birthday, my parents rented a TV/VCR and the original Star Wars trilogy. It was amazing. And it opened up a whole new chasm to my imagination.

A shot of Jill enjoying some snowy weather, believed to have been taken in Narnia…

How many books do you own?
A quick guess is well over 1500.
If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I would go to England to look at castles! My husband has a cousin there, who has given us an open invitation to come visit. We just need some time off and a small pile of money, and we’re all set! (more…)

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Into the Mind of Sally Apokedak

Welcome back lovers of Spec! Today we’re sitting down with Sally Apokedak to find out what goes on in her mind. Let’s begin, shall we?


What was your favorite movie as a child?

At 5, Mary Poppins; at 10, Oliver!


You have a free weekend. What do you do with it?

I ask God why he left me behind when the world ended and hell froze over.


What book has made the most impact on you?

That’s tough to say. CS Lewis has probably had more impact on me than any other writer. But one book? Probably Knowing God, by JI Packer.


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Into the Mind of Carla Hoch

Greetings, Realmies!

This week we’re sitting down with Carla Hoch, who is going to give us a peek at what it’s like inside her head. Welcome Carla!

What was your favorite movie as a child?

E.T. I was a card carrying member of the E.T. fanclub. Not joking.


How many books do you own?

Seriously? That’s like asking a cat how many hours they sleep a day. Enough. That’s how many. Enough.


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Into the Mind of Robert Liparulo

Greetings Realmies!

Today we are welcoming Robert Liparulo to share with us a peek into his mind. Are you ready? Let’s go!


If you could spend the day with one spec fic character, who would it be?

Robert Neville from Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend. That’s the novel that made me, at age twelve, want to be a novelist, as opposed to a writer of other things. And Neville is simply a fascinating character, someone who had to learn to live and survive in a world of monsters. He struggles with loneliness, grows empathetic toward the creatures who want to kill him, and ultimately comes to realize—and this blew me away as a kid—that in a world changed overnight, he had become the monster. The story is right up there with Lord of the Rings in terms of using speculative fiction to convey deep truths about the human condition, our strengths and flaws. I would love to pick his brain about his thoughts on the meaning of being human, the hope that gets him through each day (all of my stories are, at their core, about hope), about his appreciation for the simple things in life (a family a picnic, a child’s laughter) after they were taken away. I’m glad you said, “spend the day with one spec fic character”; the vampires in Neville’s world come out at night.


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Into the Mind of David Farland

Hello, Realmies! We are pleased today to sit down with David Farland. We know you’re going to love this interview, so let’s delve right in, shall we?


If you could spend the day with one spec fic character, who would it be?

I’d love to take a long walk through Kew Gardens in England with Gandalf Grayhame


You have a free weekend. What do you do with it?  

Work out, go hiking, and maybe spend a day fishing.


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