Writing as an Act of Worship

Join us this winter to level up your writing game!

February 9-13th — Orlando, Florida

Multi-published, award-winning authors Sharon Hinck and Ronie Kendig will pour out their knowledge and experience to help you dig deep into your writing. Come with a project, go home with a plan!

[Sharon Hinck] really opened my eyes on how we should give our writing over to God and infuse HIS plans and messages into our stories, instead of focusing on our own agendas and selfish motives. I walked away from her sessions encouraged and excited to see God’s plans for my stories.

Ronie Kendig’s [teaching was] incredibly useful and very interesting. I learned a lot of new things, and even the things I already knew were presented in a way that made me think about them in a new and deeper way.

Realm Makers Conference Attendees

Ronie and Sharon plan to offer content that will challenge even experienced writers. This isn’t going to be your “101 level” learning experience! During Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday’s class time, you can expect to learn in-depth tools on subjects like:

  • Story and Scene Structure
  • Characterization
  • Dialogue
  • Scene tension
  • Symbolism
  • and so much more!

When you register, you’ll have your choice of fabulous, movie-themed rooms in four sizes: Master Suite, Suite, Bedroom, and Bunk Room. There are only 26 spaces available (based on all bedrooms, suites, and master suites at double occupancy) so don’t hesitate to commit.

Some examples of the rooms …

General schedule

Check in for the retreat will be after 3 pm on Sunday, February 9th. Check out will be by 10 am on Thursday, which gives you plenty of time to get home to enjoy Valentine’s Day.

In addition to receiving formal instruction, retreat participants will share devotional time, focused writing sessions, structured brainstorming opportunities, and critique practice. You could easily go home with 5000 new words added to your manuscript.


All prices include your room, 11 home-cooked meals, and attendance cost at the retreat.

  • Bunk room (shared with 3 other guests. Twin beds. Shared hall bath.) –$485
  • Bedroom (shared king bed, shared hall bath) — $585
  • Bedroom (solo occupancy, king bed, shared hall bath — $885
  • Suite (shared king bed, in-suite bath) — $675
  • Suite (solo occupancy, king bed, in-suite bath) — $1050
  • Master suite (shared king bed, in-suite larger bath) — $750
  • Master suite (solo occupancy, in-suite larger bath) — $1200


We’ll be adding to these as questions come up

Q: What is the actual address of the property where the retreat is being held?

A: The only thing we can tell you until December is that the property is in Davenport, Fl, about 45 minutes outside of Orlando. After we pay the balance due for the rental of the property, the hosts will give us the exact address.

Q: Can I register with my spouse and share a room?

A: Yes! Both the writer and the spouse must pay the individual rate for the room type chosen, even if the spouse will not be participating in the retreat content. Couples must register at the Suite or Master Suite level so that they have their own bathroom. We are making it our policy that there will be no mixed-gender use of shared hallway bathrooms.

Q: If I am flying, how do I get to the retreat property?

A: As we get closer to the date of the event, we will facilitate a Facebook group for folks to chat and potentially work out transportation to the house from the airport. There is no formal shuttle that we are offering, but we will make every effort to facilitate coordinated rides.

If you don’t want to be at the mercy of other people’s schedules to travel to and from the house, a rental car is probably your best choice of ground transportation.

Q: Can I opt out of meals, content, or lodging and pay a lower price for the retreat?

A: Sorry, prices are all-inclusive and we are not planning to break those down for partial purchases this year.