#RealmMakers2018 Faculty Spotlight: Cyle Young

#RealmMakers2018 Faculty Spotlight: Cyle Young

Welcome to this year’s Faculty Spotlights! We like to give our conference attendees the opportunity to get to know a little about these fabulous experts in the publishing world before they get to meet them in July. This year, we’re starting off with one of the agents who will be taking appointments. Please welcome, Mr. Cyle Young from the Hartline Literary Agency!

Here’s his bio from the Hartline Literary Agency website:

Cyle is a multiple-genre award-winning author. Winner of over twenty writing awards, he considers himself a “binge writer” and routinely scribes 30,000 words in a weekend. His book Belly Buttons and Broken Hearts released with Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas in 2013.

Cyle finds great joy in writing and loves to bounce between crafting epic high fantasy tales, helpful non-fiction parenting books, and getting lost in the melodic rhythm of children’s poetry. He serves as managing editor of www.almostanauthor.com, a website devoted to helping aspiring writers become published authors, and is also a monthly contributor to the parenting website, www.just18summers.com, and the writing website, www.thewriteconversation.blogspot.com.

You can learn more about what genres Cyle is acquiring and how best to submit to him by visiting his website at www.cyleyoung.com.


Welcome to the Realm Makers blog. Tell us a little about you and how you got into the publishing world.

I’m an author too. My journey to agenting came from bad experiences with literary agents. I do everything in my power to sell my clients books, and I want them to be confident that I’m out there, fighting for them.

What makes you most passionate about writing/publishing?

I love being part of the creation process, seeing new stories develop, and ultimately, there’s nothing better than making a phone call to an author who has just received a contract from a publisher!

What is one very important piece of advice for writers these days?

No matter what you are writing … you must build platform.

If you weren’t a writer or involved in the publishing world, what would you do?

I’d still be investing in writers through my writer’s academy, www.seriouswriteracademy.com.

What are YOU most looking forward to about Realm Makers?

I’m excited to connect with amazing authors and join the exciting Realm Makers community.

If you are an agent/editor who is taking appointments, what are you looking for this year?

I’m looking for big ideas that haven’t been seen before, diverse characters and settings, well-written manuscripts, and authors who have developed platforms or who have had really strong previous book sales. And I’m always looking for Dragons!

Ooo … dragons. Well, you’re definitely headed to the right conference. I believe there will be a few fantastical creatures in attendance as well. Thank you for chatting with us, Cyle, and we look forward to seeing you in July!

Find out more about Cyle and the other agent and editors attending #RealmMakers2018 by clicking here.


Writers, what are YOU most looking forward to about Realm Makers?

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