Find us at The Court at King of Prussia, only for the holiday shopping season

What you’ll find at The Book Den:

-Authors in attendance, signing books every weekend!
-Hard-to-find full series
-Signed copies of many editions
-Books not available in any other store

Authors You Can Meet

  • November 30th–Bryan Davis, author of Dragons in Our Midst, Wanted: Superheroes, The Reapers Trilogy
  • Dec 6th–Janeen Ippolito; Sarah White
  • Dec 7th–Pam Halter; Shawn Smucker
  • December 13th–Morgan Busse; Laura Van Arendonk Baugh
  • December 14th–Ronie Kendig; James Hannibal: 3-6 pm
  • December 21st–Bill Beck 11 am STORYTIME, Michael Stefan Shaw: 1-3 pm, Shawn Smucker: 6 pm
  • December 28th–Steve Rzasa: 3-6 pm

This is a limited time destination for shoppers. The Book Den, powered by Realm Makers Bookstore, will only have this physical location for the Christmas shopping season. Enjoy knowledgeable help in finding your new favorite author.