How do I access my bonus content that comes with my membership?

Once you’ve purchased your Realm Makers Membership, go to the Members page and follow the instructions to download your content.

When I set up my profile, why doesn’t my website address work?

Make sure that you include the “http://” in the address for your website.

Where can I make changes to my account?

Check out the Account page under the Membership tab.

I can’t remember what plan I purchased! Where do I find that information?

Go to your Account page, and at the top, click on Subscriptions. That will take you to a page that displays the type of membership plan you purchased, as well as options to renew or change your plan.

I’m a member, so why do I keep seeing the Membership Plan page when I try to access my account or bonus content?

Are you logged in? The system will redirect users who aren’t logged in to the membership plan page. So make sure you’re logged in and try again!