Q: Is my information safe if I enter a contest/register and am paying by credit card?

A: The system we use for taking payments for the conference and our contests is fully encrypted, and we also have an SSL certificate for the site in general. We promise we’re doing everything we can to protect your information.

It also doesn’t hurt to note here that we won’t sell our mailing lists to anybody.

Q: How can I get my book into your bookstore (online or taken to events on your schedule)?

A: The primary way to have a book in the Realm Makers bookstore is to win a Realm Award, as those award winners serve as core inventory for us. We also carry books written by our conference faculty. At present, we have more books than we can carry in our trailer to events, so we are not able to accept submissions of books to add to that inventory.

If you plan to attend a Realm Makers Conference and opt to become a member at the Published Level, then you will be eligible to bring books to sell on consignment during the conference.

Q: Can I send you a proposal to be on faculty at an upcoming conference?

A: We are certainly always looking for new, authoritative voices in the writing and publishing world to serve on faculty at Realm Makers. Although we don’t put out an open call for faculty proposals, you can always introduce yourself via email using our contact form.

We choose which faculty to invite based on a constellation of criteria. For authors, we look for multi-published, award-winning writers whose books who have made bestseller lists or can otherwise be considered commercially successful. Clinicians of all types must be sensitive to the fact that Realm Makers’s attendees are by-and-large Christians, and that the conference atmosphere will have a faith-friendly air.

For publishers and agents, the selection criteria is a little more fluid because our authors are looking to publish their books anywhere from the CBA to independently to the general market. We have a very limited budget for bringing publishers and agents to Realm Makers, so demonstrating the success you’ve had in serving Christian authors of science fiction and fantasy will help your submission to attend as faculty.

Q: When will Realm Makers be in my city/state?
A: As a conference that draws attendees from all over the US as well as abroad, choosing a conference location involves many factors. If your home city is…

  • Home to a major conference venue that can offer all the classroom/dining space necessary for 300+ students, plus affordable, convenient accommodations
  • Accessible to an International Airport with available ground travel to the venue

… then we would be happy to receive your recommendation for considering future locations for the conference. We spend 6-8 months each year carefully researching locations that will be the right combination of comfortable, accessible, and affordable for the majority of those who are in a position to make the professional investment of conference attendance.

Q: I have a book I want to pitch at Realm Makers. Are any big publishers coming to take appointments?

A: Our list of agents and editors in attendance is currently weighted toward agents and independent presses (with occasional exceptions), which reflects the state of the Christian publishing industry and speculative fiction. We have had sit-down conversations with editors from most of the “big houses,” and the fact of the matter is, they just don’t have space in their publishing schedules for new speculative titles. At least not enough to go looking for options beyond their existing submissions that come through agents. We don’t know if there will be a future shift in what the big CBA publishers are acquiring, but we’ll keep asking them to come.

Fortunately, we live in a time where the routes to publishing are many, whether you want to go indie, sign with a smaller press, or connect with an agent who can get your manuscript in front of publishers in the CBA or the general market.

Q: How do I change [items I added on, classes I picked, guests I want to bring with me, etc.] on my conference registration? 

A: At the bottom of your registration confirmation, you will find a link to create an account with our registration system. Create that account, and you will have access to your registration details to make any changes you need to. Do not start filling out the registration form again–the system will not find you that way. Please navigate through the link.

Q: Can my children come with me to the conference?

A: Yes . . . with a couple caveats
We are committed to making Realm Makers a conference where families can be together. Your entire family is welcome to attend as  Conference Guests ($199 each for 2018) which allows them to partake the Awards Banquet dinner and attend keynote sessions, however they may not attend classroom sessions. Nursing infants are allowed in all sessions, but we ask you step out if an infant gets fussy. Children 2 years old and younger do not need to pay any price to attend, yet that also means they will not have their own seat/dish at meals, should you elect to add faculty lunches or the optional Thursday dinner to your registration. Your family may also choose to only attend as Awards Dinner Guests ($99 each).

Toddlers and single-digit-aged kids make it very hard for Mom, Dad, and other conferees to focus during the conference. We won’t pretend to know your children better than you in how they’ll hold up over three busy days with late nights, but if you want the founders’ honest advice, little guys and gals aren’t the best conference companions.

Q: I’m a teen. Can I attend Realm Makers?

A: Yes! Teens 12 to 17 are welcome to register at the Teen discount. All teens are required to have an adult chaperone. No supervision for your teen will be provided by the staff and faculty of Realm Makers. Chaperones are also required to have a cell phone number on record with the conference staff, and be immediately available in the event of an issue.

Chaperones must pay a registration fee if they intend to partake in the break catering, go to the awards dinner, or attend sessions with their teen. If the chaperone will simply remain on hotel property and be available in the event of an emergency, there is no need for that chaperone to register. Realm Makers’s organizers ask that teens have age-appropriate supervision, which we understand will vary from child to child.

Q: How much does Realm Makers cost?

A: In general, Realm Makers’s registration price changes each year due to several factors:

  1. Catering is the largest single factor
  2. # of Agents and Editors
  3. Conference venue
  4. Faculty compensation

You can save money by registering during the early bird period. AND if you join Realm Makers as an official member you get further reduced pricing!

Don’t forget that our fantastic Awards Banquet is included in the price of registration! The heart of our objective for Realm Makers is to bring you classes from the best voices in Speculative Fiction at the lowest possible price. Compare us to any other mid-sized to large conference, and you will find Realm Makers delivers more of what the speculative author needs for less than comparable events.

Q: Are there scholarships available for Realm Makers?

A: Each year, we have a limited number of scholarships available to cover the cost of conference registration. Scholarship recipients are responsible for their own lodging and travel expenses. Visit our scholarship page for how to apply.

Q: What meals are provided at the Realm Makers Conference?

A: Your Realm Makes Conference Registration includes the Friday Night Awards reception and dinner as well as continental breakfast on Friday and Saturday. We will also offer light snacks throughout the day in our Hospitality Suite on Friday and Saturday.

Lunches and Saturday dinner are on your own but will be readily available within walking distance from the hotel.

Q: I have food allergies. Will I be able to eat at the conference?

A: The catering at the conference will offer vegan and gluten free dining options. If you have other dietary concerns or allergies, please make sure you let us know of your needs when you register. We will make every effort to be sure you have food options while you’re with us.

Q: Can I record the conference sessions? I want to go back over the information after the conference is over.

A: Sorry, no personal recording will be permitted. We will, however, have conference recordings available for sale so you can hear content you did not attend, or simply squeeze every last tidbit out of the sessions you loved.

Q: Do I NEED a costume to attend the Friday Night Awards Dinner? 

A: Nope. Costumes are encouraged, but not required. If you choose to come as yourself, simply dress for a nice night out. We promise you won’t be the only one in “regular clothes.”

Q: What is the conference dress code outside of the Awards Dinner?

A: Conferees tend to dress on the casual side for the conference sessions. Many like to fly their fandom flags with t-shirts and other branded accessories. Bear in mind, if you are going to meet with editors or agents to pitch your manuscript, it’s advisable to put a professional foot forward. No need for full business attire, but dressing up that casual look you usually sport is a good plan. Dressing in the clothes that make you feel good and confident are your best choice, since you’re going to be meeting new people constantly.

Q: Is there really a Nerf War?

A: There have been Nerf Wars in the past. However, due to increasing risk of liability, we can no longer allow the Nerf war as a conference activity. We’re as bummed as you, but we’d all be more bummed if someone got badly hurt.