Realm Makers runs a raffle at each conference for the sake of funding our scholarship program, in an effort to make the conference accessible to those who are seriously pursuing their craft but lack the financial means to attend.

Available scholarships

The Future Award Winner Scholarship, courtesy Tosca Lee.

This scholarship awards one talented writer the entirety of their 2019 conference registration fee (a $389 value!) The scholarship committee will choose the recipient based on a combination the quality of their 500 word writing sample and their financial need.

This scholarship is funded in part by Tosca Lee’s generous donation of her Realm Award Book of the Year winnings from the 2018 contest. We are so grateful for her investment in the growth of other writers and her continual support of the Realm Makers mission.

The “Just Brave / Dumb Enough” scholarship

This scholarship awards one expectation-defying writer the entirety of their 2019 conference registration fee. The scholarship committee will choose the recipient based on the uniqueness and /or bravery of their 500 word writing sample and financial need. The “Just Brave / Dumb Enough” scholarship s funded through the sales of the “Just Brave / Dumb Enough” collaborative novella, which features the talents of six Christian speculative authors* unafraid to push the limits and forge new ground.

* Morgan Busse, Kerry Nietz, John Otte, Steve Rzasa, Marc Schooley, Stuart Vaughn Stockton, and Jill Williamson.





General Scholarships

Full and partial scholarships awarded to the most qualified applicants

Who Should Apply?

Travis wins a scholarship at Realm Makers 2016

The winner of a Realm Makers scholarship will demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Writing talent (whether honed or raw)
  • Intent to refine that talent
  • Serious pursuit of writing
  • Financial need

How to apply (for either the Future Award Winner or General Scholarships)

APPLICATION DEADLINE: March 1, 2019. No late applications will be considered.

Use this link  ( ) to access the scholarship application (You will have to sign in via Google to use this form.)

The scholarship application will ask you a series of questions and require the FIRST 500 words of a piece of speculative fiction you have written that you believe demonstrates your current skill level. Please notate the title or working title of the work, and indicate whether it is a work in progress or a published piece.

You will upload this writing sample as part of the application.

If you encounter any difficulty or have questions, contact

The committee will notify winners of the scholarships on or before April 1st, 2019, via email. Scholarship amounts remain at the discretion of the committee, and may be either full or partial coverage of the conference registration cost. Meals, hotel, and travel remain the responsibility of the recipient(s).


If any of the following are true, please allow others their chance at being awarded one of these two scholarships.

  • Scholarships not available for Realm Makers alumni
  • If you have attended/are registered to attend any mid-size or large conference (more than 100 attendees) between August 2018 and August 2019 as a paid attendee. Of course, we can’t really verify your other registrations, but please leave the Realm Makers scholarships to those for whom any kind of conference attendance isn’t feasible.

***please note: These scholarships do not cover any optional add-ons or meals and must be redeemed by the recipient by April 15th or it will pass to the next qualified candidate.***

Please direct all questions to:

Good luck!