Our list of acquiring editors and agents for the Realm Makers conference is ever-evolving, so stop back occasionally for updates to this roster of professionals who will be in attendance at this year’s conference. To whet your appetite and convince you to get that manuscript spit-shined by July, here are a few of the professionals who will be taking appointments at the conference.


Jesse Doogan; editor, Tyndale Publishing

Editorial needs TBA


Lisa Mangum; Editor, Shadow Mountain Publishing

Shadow Mountain is looking for well-written, compelling fantasy for middle grade, YA, and adult readers. I am particularly interested in seeing new twists on familiar tropes. I also like stories with strong themes about family. I am also looking for general fiction/women’s fiction for adults. I’m not interested in horror.

Our submission guidelines (and online submission process) are available at this address.


Steve Laube; Owner and Agent, Steve Laube Agency

Steve is the picture of flexibility. He says he will look at anything.

Alyssa Roat; Agent, C.Y.L.E.

Editorial needs TBA


Sarah Gorman; Agent, C.Y.L.E.

Editorial needs TBA


Andrew Winch; Editor, Havok Magazine

As its name suggests, Havok is looking for hard-hitting stories that keep readers coming back for more. We publish across multiple genres (mystery, thriller, scifi, fantasy, and comedy), and we keep things fresh with a different theme each month. Stories must be between 300-1000 words in length and must be PG-13 or lower. Check out GoHavok.com for more information.


Janeen Ippolito; Editor, Uncommon Universes Press

At Uncommon Universes Press, we delight in fresh world-building with strong character voices and potent plots.

We love stories that own their genre–whether steampunk, paranormal romance, epic fantasy, or space opera–with unique twists and compelling conflicts. And a side of dry wit or snark is always welcome!


Amy Williams; Editor, Crosshair Press

Currently we are interested in genres including action/adventure, romantic comedies, space operas, science fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, and steampunk.


Michele Harper; Acquisitions Editor; Love2ReadLove2Write Publishing, LLC

Love2ReadLove2Write Publishing is a small traditional press, dedicated to clean or Christian speculative fiction. Currently obtaining for our 2020 production schedule, Michele and her team seek manuscripts that are professional, gripping, and wholesome, all with fantastical or sci-fi elements.

Manuscripts must be complete, and although we ask for a one-sheet and a business card during the pitch session, we also request a proposal and the first three chapters be emailed to us directly after the pitch session. Thank you!