FINAL VOTING ENDS ON June 17, 2018 at midnight PST!

The Alliance Award recognizes speculative fiction written by Christian authors, but it gives READERS the voice in choosing the winner. Established in 2017, the Alliance award strives to recognize the invaluable contribution readers make to the success of good fiction.



Since this is a Readers Choice Award, authors/editors/publishing houses may not nominate their own books. Any nominations submitted by entities involved in the book’s creation or votes cast by said entities will be discarded.

The 20 novels that receive the most nominations will advance to the voting rounds.

All nominees should be:

  • Speculative in nature
  • Written by a Christian author
  • Novel length (60,000 + words for adult novels, 50,000 + words for Young Adult)


Voter Eligibility:

Anyone who has read a minimum of TWO BOOKS  that have advanced to the voting rounds is eligible to rate as many books in the contest as they have read. This will operate on an honors system.

The number of books that will advance to the first voting round will be dependent on the number of books nominated.

Voting Process:

Voters will assign a star rating to no fewer than two books on the voting list. In addition to the rating, voters will need to include a brief (but specific) explanation of the reason they assigned the particular rating they chose.

The scale for voting will be as follows:

5 stars: One of the best books I read this year

4 stars: One of the really good books I read this year

3 stars: I thought this book was OK when I read it. It was worth the time.

2 stars: This book was hard to finish because it had multiple problems.

1 star: I would not recommend this book to another reader

The  5 books that collect the highest star total at the end of the first voting round will advance to the final round. In the event of a star total tie, we will also factor in the average rating of the tied books in order to determine the finalists.

Final Round:

Voting will take place in June. You will find the voting page right here on this page when the time comes.

Anyone who has read at least one title among the finalists is eligible to vote in the final round. Voters can rate anywhere from one book to all five on the list, provided they have read the books they rate. (Honors system–do the right thing, voters!) Voters will also have to comment on each book they rate with a brief explanation of the rating they chose.

The book to receive the highest star calculation will be the winner of the Alliance Award. The winner will  be announced at the Realm Makers Awards Banquet and be presented with a commemorative certificate.


Remember, semi-final voting ends on May 31, 2018! Final voting ends June 17th!