The ALLIANCE AWARD is our Reader’s Choice award.

Nominations open March 1.

Readers have their say in what speculative fiction novels they loved the most from the previous calendar year.

Only READERS can nominate books into the contest. Anyone submitting nominations may choose up to three books.

There is no entry fee for this award. The winner of the Alliance Award will receive a certificate of recognition.

Join us at the annual Realm Makers Conference Awards Banquet to find out who wins!


The nomination period runs from March 1 to March 24.

Books must be in the genre of fantasy, science fiction, horror, or related sub-genre, either traditionally or self-published. Only novel-length fiction please, no short stories, anthologies, or novellas.


Voting runs from April 5 to April 22.

The books that receive the top percentage of nominations will move onto the second round of voting. We ask that voters only rate books that they’ve actually read. The voting runs on a star system, which we’ll explain in more detail when the round opens.


Voting runs from May 16 to June 4.

We ask voters to participate only if they’ve read a minimum of two books on the finalist list. That’s why there’s a bit of a gap between the second and final rounds–we want you to have time to read the finalists if you haven’t already. Again, the star rating system will apply.

VOTING ELIGIBILITY STATEMENT: If you have read a minimum of two books on the nomination list you are eligible to vote (but don’t jump the gun). Please read the submission form carefully so that your vote will count!

Voters will only get to submit the form once. Multiple entries will be disqualified.

For each book you’ve actually read (minimum of two), we’re asking for a star rating. In addition to the rating, please include a brief but specific explanation of the reason you assigned the particular rating you chose (max 500 characters). This means you’ll be able to move books up in ranking by giving a high star rating and to move books down by giving them a lower score—as long as you can justify your rating. 

Note: Don’t five-star a book and one-star everything else, Maleficent. That’s a good way to get your vote disqualified. Be thoughtful. The authors deserve that.

There are 20 books on this list. If you have not read at least two of them, please read one more BEFORE you come back and vote!

The best favor you can do for an author is buy their book.

The next is to leave a review on Amazon!

To qualify, books must be:

  • Speculative in genre (Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, or any of their related sub-genres)
  • Written by a professed Christian author
  • Published during the previous calendar year
  • The first instance of publication of the work (no new editions, subsequent printings under a new imprint, etc.)
  • Novel length (over 50,000 words )
  • A single work (no anthologies, collections, or compilations)
  • Written for middle grade, young adult, or adult audiences

We’ll announce the winner at the Realm Makers Conference Awards Dinner. Tickets for the awards dinner are available either separately or as part of a Realm Makers Conference registration.

Good luck, Christian speculative-fiction authors! And thank you, readers, for helping us find the best and brightest books.