The Realm Awards

Realm Makers is excited to offer the annual Realm Awards, created to recognize the most excellent speculative fiction written by Christian authors published in the previous calendar year. The awards offers submission categories for fantasy, science fiction, horror, supernatural/paranormal, young adult, middle grade, children’s or debut novels.

Submissions for the awards open on January 1st.

Both publishers and authors can submit their books into the contest.

The entry fee is $35.

Authors/publishers may submit their books in a maximum of two categories, and one of the two categories must be YA or debut. A separate entry fee applies to each category elected. Submitting authors must be willing to sign our Statement of Faith. When publishers submit on behalf of their authors, the authors will receive a separate email asking them to sign the statement of faith.

Word count requirements:

Adult fiction: 60,000 words +

Young Adult: 50,000 words +

Middle grade: 20,000 +

Children’s: may include picture books through early chapter books, so word count varies by age group. (No minimum requirement.)

Submissions will be accepted for three weeks, until Jan 21st at midnight EST.

Judging occurs across two rounds, and the highest scoring book in each category will win a Realm Award. The top five scorers overall will move on to compete for Book of the Year.

The Parable Award

Realm Makers exists to encourage Christians in all areas of speculative arts. The annual Parable Award was created to recognize excellence in speculative fiction cover design for books written by Christian authors published in the previous calendar year.

Submissions open January 1st. Authors OR artists may submit entries.

To qualify, books must be in the genre of fantasy, science fiction, horror, or related subgenre, created for a Christian author’s book, published in the previous calendar year, either traditionally or self-published. The cover must be in good taste, as defined by a Christian worldview. Fee per entry is $25.

The Alliance Award

Submissions open April 3.

Readers have their say in what speculative fiction novels they loved the most from the previous calendar year.

Only READERS can nominate books into the contest. Anyone submitting nominations may choose up to three books.


The nomination period runs from midnight, April 3 to April 22, also at midnight. Don’t wait to nominate!

Books must be in the genre of fantasy, science fiction, horror, or related subgenre, either traditionally or self-published. Only novel-length fiction please, no short stories, anthologies, or novellas.


The books that receive the top percentage of nominations will move onto the second round of voting, which runs from May 1 to May 21. We ask that voters only rate books that they’ve actually read. The voting runs on a star system, which we’ll explain in more detail when the round opens.


On May 26, it’s on to FINAL ROUND VOTING. We ask voters to participate only if they’ve read a minimum of two books on the finalist list. That’s why there’s a bit of a gap between the second and final rounds–we want you to have time to read the finalists if you haven’t already.  Again, the star rating system will apply.

Final round voting concludes on June 14th.

There is no entry fee for this award. The winner of the Alliance Award will receive a certificate of recognition.