Always Take Your Dragon With You

Always Take Your Dragon With You


By Pam Halter


You never know when an opportunity will arise, so always be prepared. I attended the PA Renaissance Faire in August and decided to take my knitted Willoughby. One of the vendors had a knitted dragon who loves mini-marshmallows, and he saw Willoughby and asked about him. I told him about the book series then asked if I could put his dragon in one. He said, “Sure, just make sure to include my copyright information.” I said no problem and turned to leave when he stopped me. “You know, if you get this book done and out by next summer, we could do a book signing right here during Children’s Fantasy Weekend!”


Did anyone hear me scream, “Heck yes!!” hahahahaha!


What started out as a fun day turned into an amazing opportunity – all because I took Willoughby with me. Sweet.

Pam Halter

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