Welcome to the web page for our production of Alice! Please save this page somewhere you will always be able to reference it. This is where I will put all information the moment it is available.

I have provided copies of the script at the auditions and read-through and still have some left. I have also picked up a few at the end of each day that were obviously printed at home. If they lose it please have them ask for another. You can also Download the script HERE.

Friday, April 12 7pm
Saturday, April 13 2pm

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us via email at:
Stage Director: scottminor@educatingforlife.com
Technical Director / Costumes: barbara.p.newell@gmail.com




Jackie Steliga Alice
Nathan Varghese White Rabbit
Julia Evans Caterpillar
Bayley Lohr Pigeon
Saige Bowers Duchess
Eliana Brown Cheshire Cat
Sofia Minto Cheshire Cat
Katie Steffie Cheshire Cat
Devyn Rhoads Mad Hatter
Galadrielle Laird March Hare
Jack McHale Dormouse
Ben Minor King
Campbell Brown Queen
Emily Korne Door
Vivienne Oliver Door
Miguel Sanchez Door
Chase Sawyer Door
Nora Steffie Low Door
Kalina Goda Bottle
Anna Brown Cake
Brynlee Hertzog Footman_1
Linus Coker Footman_2
Lucia Terreri Lackey
Josiah Shirey Cook
Ashlee Lozorak Stove
Leah Pritt Stove
Julia Shirey Stove
Kaila Tate Stove
Michael Varghese Stove
Julien Oliver Two
Ben Laffey Five
Jimmy Tucker Seven
Tristen Scott Knave
Leo Martinez Jury
Ruby Wojtaszek Jury
Madeleine Connolly Queen’s Party
Piper Hartline Queen’s Party
Alana Hartman Queen’s Party
Courtney Hertzog Queen’s Party
Aubrey Hertzog Queen’s Party
Addie McHale Queen’s Party
Lucy Nicks Queen’s Party
Zach Brown Chorus
Perle Chery Chorus
Taryn Connolly Chorus
Rachel Crawford Chorus
Ella Garber Chorus
Marissa Jenkins Chorus
Mikayla Jenkins Chorus
Arwen Laird Chorus
Anna Niehls Chorus
Callie Nissley Chorus
Emily Pritt Chorus
Ben Steliga Chorus
Olivia Terreri Chorus
Thea Wojtaszek Chorus