10 Realmie Family Traditions

10 Realmie Family Traditions

Christmas is tomorrow people. TOMORROW! If you haven’t finished all your shopping, you better hop to it. The clock keeps ticking down the minutes.

But if you’re like a few still grappling for some of that wonderful Christmas magic, how about trying something new this year?

Regardless of how large or small your family is, holiday traditions can be a great source of cheer, love, and laughter.

We recently put the question to our Realm Makers Facebook community regarding what their favorite family traditions were for Christmastime. Here’s a few of what they shared:


10 Realmie Family Traditions

1. Write “Thank You” letters to Jesus.

2. Giving an anonymous monetary gift to a person or family in need.

3. Have two Christmas trees! One with traditional decorations, and the other themed! (Special thanks to Jason Joyner for sharing his family’s Star Wars themed tree with us.)

4. Hang a candy cane on the tree for each family member to be eaten on Christmas Day. Or stuff personal stockings full of candy to be enjoyed the whole month long.

5. Set up the nativity scene while a family member narrates the story of Jesus’s birth. Then setting Jesus in the manger the night of Christmas Eve.

6. Instead of traditional gifts under the Christmas tree, put items that represent gifts God had given you that year.

7. Diving into all the food on Christmas Eve (such as tamales!) and then gather around the tree for a candlelit moment. As each candle is lit, share a piece of your heart and what you’re thankful for. Once all the candles are lit, sing Christmas carols ending with Silent Night, and then close the evening off with a gift exchange.

8. Instead of a traditional ceramic village, one Realmie’s family builds a Christmas-themed Lego village.

9. Visit a live nativity scene and light display. A great one a Realmie’s family recommends is the Creation Museum.

10. Instead of walking through light displays, hit up the drive through ones—stay nice and warm in your vehicle.


Any of these spark ideas for ways you can add flair to your holidays this year? Or do you need a day to sleep in, drink coffee, and enjoy all the presents? Because trust us, we’ve been there too. 😉

Merry Christmas, Realmies.


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