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Organizations and individuals who sponsor the Realm Makers conference make it possible for us to bring our attendees the best quality conference experience. From coffee during the class breaks, to extra social events, to cash prizes for our award winners, those extra touches reliably appear because of the generosity of our sponsors.

If you have any questions not addressed on the sponsor/advertiser form please feel free to inquire by emailing, and we can supply you with information.



This year, we’re grateful to those who have already reached out to partner financially with Realm Makers.

Quill Pen Editorial has been the sponsor of our Awards Dinner three years running. Their contributions help offset the cost of catering and the cash prizes given to the top winners of the Realm and Parable Awards. Many thanks to Catherine Jones Payne and Quill Pen Editorial for their continued support.




Your Flash Fiction Fix.

Splickety Publishing Group is your source for the best flash fiction in the world. If you like to read but don’t have time, try Splickety’s magazines. You can enjoy our stories, always 1,000 words or less, and get your flash fiction fix without the time commitment of a novel.
Splashdown Books has sponsored Realm Makers from its inception in 2013, and we’re thankful for how they have provided  late night socials, as well as offered independent publishing services to our guests. Nothing like a little mixture of business and pleasure! Thanks so much, Splashdown, for being our friend, all the way from Middle Earth (and back again.)



Chris Morris CPA returns to Realm Makers this year as our Great Giver of Caffeine, since we all know, most writers are caffeine-based organisms. Thanks to Chris’s contributions, conferees will enjoy fresh coffee and refreshments during all our conference breaks. And if you think meeting with a CPA at a writer’s conference sounds boring, you owe it to yourself to talk with Chris.




Mehta Collaborative – Photography, Graphic Design, User Experience, Consulting, and more. In business since 2006, Arpit Mehta has finally brought his areas of expertise under one umbrella: Mehta Collaborative.



Castle Gate Press, nurturing authors & drawing a wider audience to works written by Christians.





Crosshair Press is an independent press dedicated to developing new writers and producing quality fiction.




The Christian #SpecFic Reader joins us as a sponsor this year, providing funds that will offset the cost of a new scheduling application that will greatly streamline the appointment scheduling and updating process for our volunteers, editors, and agents in attendance. Thank you for your contribution, which gives us the tools to work smarter, not harder!







Uncommon Universes Press, LLC is an independent publisher producing speculative fiction with strong world-building, deep characters, and explorations of good/evil.