Why a Mobile Bookstore?

As part of the original vision for The Faith & Fantasy Alliance, founder Becky Minor hoped to help authors collaborate to promote their books. One of the chief challenges new authors face in today’s market is discoverability. Bowker (the folks who sell ISBNs) reported about 625,000 independently published books going to market in 2015, and that doesn’t even account for books released through traditional publishing. It’s no wonder it’s so hard for authors to find readers “in the wild”–readers who aren’t a part of their immediate friends-and-family network.


It’s taken about 7 years for those of us at Realm Makers to finally realize this original vision of taking books to where readers congregate, but that time has finally arrived. Currently, we have vendor booths booked at the following fantasy/science fiction events:

Salt Lake Comic Con-September 21-23, Salt Lake City, Utah

World Fantasy 2017-November 2-5, San Antonio, Texas

PhilCon-November 10-12, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Teach them Diligently Conference– March 8-9, Nashville, Tennessee


It’s our goal to add more venues to the coming year of travel, but going to events takes funding, so the future venues will depend heavily on how our books perform at the events already on the schedule.

Here’s how it works:

Authors may apply to have their books travel with us to our scheduled events by using this form


If your books are selected from those that apply, you agree to the following:

  • You will donate 5 copies of each selected book, which we will hand carry to events to gauge buyer interest in your work
  • You will pay the 2017-18 Table Share Fee of $100
  • You understand that books will be promoted as appropriate to specific events’ theme and clientele. (What works at a Comic Con might not be front-and-center at World Fantasy, for example.)
  • If your books sell, that opens up the opportunity for us to take your book on as standard inventory with the bookstore. Because the purchasing arrangements for every book and publisher are different, we will negotiate with you and/or your publisher individually to make specific arrangements.