rm-364Looking for someone to look over the first few pages of your manuscript and give you some feedback? Try a PAID CRITIQUE!

Need some information on taxes, social media, marketing, etc? Try a SPECIALTY APPOINTMENT!

Have some general questions about the publishing world, but don’t know who to ask? Try a MENTOR APPOINTMENT!



Paid critiques are a great way to get some feedback from industry professionals. For $30, an industry professional will look over the first 10 pages of your manuscript and offer some feedback. Hurry! Deadline to sign up for a paid critique is May 15, 2017!


Robert Liparulo – http://www.robertliparulo.com/

Lindsay Franklin –  http://www.lindsayafranklin.com/

Bethany Kaczmarek – http://bethanykaczmarek.com/little-red-ink2/

Ralene Burke – http://raleneburke.com/

Kristen Stieffel –  http://kristenstieffel.com/

Gretchen Engel – https://gretchenekengel.com/

Lisa Mangum – http://shadowmountain.com/

Kat Heckenbach – www.katheckenbach.com

Katie Morford – http://crosshairpress.com/about-us/katie-face-morford/

Jill Williamson – http://jillwilliamson.com/

TJ DaRoza – http://www.jollyfishpress.com/

Grace Bridges – http://www.gracebridges.kiwi/

Amy Williams – http://crosshairpress.com/about-us/amy-hannibal-williams/

Jessie Kirkland – http://jessiekirkland.com

Julie Gwinn – http://www.theseymouragency.com/Submissions.html

Ben Wolf –  http://benwolf.com/editing-services/

Carla Hoch – http://www.quillpeneditorial.com/

Catherine Jones Payne – http://www.quillpeneditorial.com/



Mentor and specialty appointments are a great way to get feedback on this business we call writing. From taxes to editing, from social media to cover design, there are experts who want to help you be the best author you can be.


Services for authors

Suzanne Kuhn of SuzyQ
Author promotion, personal branding, and publishing & marketing strategist
Shawn Kuhn
Book-selling expert, publishing & book sale strategist, and all-around brainstormer
Chris Morris – http://chrismorriscpa.com/conference

Taxes, accounting, business strategy, and bookkeeping– anything related to money or the biz side of the writing world.


Kirk DouPonce – http://www.dogeareddesign.com/

Cover art design and critique.


Arpit Mehta – http://mehtacollaborative.com/

Photography, web design, and branding.


Lisa England – https://www.lisaengland.com/

Personal branding, marketing and audience attraction.


Ralene Burke – http://raleneburke.com/

Social Media, book marketing, editing, and time/task management


Randy Streu – r2streu@gmail.com

Voice Talent, Audiobook Producer, Radio Drama


Scott Minor – http://www.minormultimedia.com/

Illustration, Audiobook Production (full cast and single reader), Video trailers


Amy Williams – http://www.creativetechie.com/

Creative Techie


Authors and Editors

Catherine Jones Payne – http://www.quillpeneditorial.com/

Editor at Quill Pen Editorial and fantasy author


James Rubart – http://jameslrubart.com/

Bestselling author of the ROOMS and other novels.


Kat Heckenbach – www.katheckenbach.com

Young adult, fantasy, dark fiction, world-building, and short stories.


Lindsay Franklin – http://www.lindsayafranklin.com/

Fiction and short stories of various genres, and working with an editor.


Grace Bridges – http://www.gracebridges.kiwi/

First Pages Surgery and How to Impress an Editor


Kristen Stieffel – http://kristenstieffel.com/

Brainstorming, editing, and choosing a publishing route.


Carla Hoch – http://fightingwrite.blogspot.com/

Fight scenes


Ben Wolf – http://benwolf.com/editing-services/

Editing, Writing Coaching, and Flash Fiction


Mary Weber – http://www.maryweber.com/

Author of young adult Storm Siren trilogy.


Robert Liparulo – http://www.robertliparulo.com/

Author of thrillers for adults and adventures for young adults.


Jill Williamson – http://jillwilliamson.com/

Author of speculative fiction of multiple genres, for kids, teens, and adults.


Phyllis Wheeler – http://www.castlegatepress.com/get-some-mentoring-from-us-at-realm-makers-conference/

Story structure, creating characters, and marketing.


Sarah White – https://www.sarahdelenawhite.com/editing-services

Content editing, including plot, characterization, and world-building.


David Farland – http://www.mystorydoctor.com/

Best-selling, award-winning author, writing instructor, screenwriter, and judge of the Writers of the Future Award.


Kerry Nietz – http://www.nietz.com/

Self-publishing and sci-fi writing.