Realm Makers is excited to bring to you inspiring keynote addresses from award-winning author Mary Weber!

I’m Mary. I write books and work with teens. I have tattoos. I love old souls and belly laughter. I live in California with my husband and kids, and I’m the author of the award-winning, Scholastic Book Fair Pick, young adult STORM SIREN trilogy, and the SOFI SNOW duology, all from HarperCollins


I’m completely in love with story. Yours. Mine. Everybody’s. I believe our stories are woven like threads into the fabric of our skin, our blood, our breath.

If I could, I’d pull you up a seat on the porch, serve you tea with sugar cubes, and beg to hear YOUR story. The one which, at times, has maybe surprised you, and other times bored you, and if I could venture a guess, has more often than imaginable left you feeling bloodied.

I’d listen. And choke up for the broken bits because I am the biggest ugly crier you know.

And then, after a while, when your words faded in the summer breeze (because that’s all you could remember to tell), that’s the moment I’d nod. I’d set down my chipped teacup, look you square in the eye, and tell you that, from my perspective, I see a person of beauty. Because you’ve chosen to press on through the bitter and let the bravery refine you.

I’d tell you that, the way I see it, in spite of the broken or the failures or the excruciating hurt we’ve caused, or the hurt that’s been caused us, there is a soul of wealth inside you. Inside me. There is so much more to who we are and who we can impact with our Stories—whether we stay in a small town our whole lives, or travel abroad. Because we’re made to live great ones, aren’t we? Wild adventures in which we can exhilarate and ache with this world full of lovely people, knowing that despite the different locations or cultural settings or character quirks, our underlying fears and grief and hopes are similar. We’re on this journey together.

And when we embrace that?

We’re powerful. Beautiful. Unstoppable.