Our list of acquiring editors and agents for the Realm Makers conference is ever-evolving, so stop back occasionally for updates to this roster of professionals who will be in attendance at this year’s conference. To whet your appetite and convince you to get that manuscript spit-shined by July, here are a few of the professionals who will be taking appointments in 2018.



Dave Swavely; Acquisitions and General Editor for Fiction, Cruciform Press

Dave Swavely is the author of numerous books, and the editor of many more, with almost thirty years of professional writing experience. Never being one to do anything halfway, he has been both a great success and failure in life, while raising seven children with his beloved wife Jill and starting several churches and schools along the way.

What is Cruciform Press looking for?

Short Answer: Novella-length thought-provoking clean fiction with Christian themes.


Longer Answer:

  • Novella length (somewhere around 20,000 to 30,000 words, though we have some flexibility and could possibly suggest ways to pare down)
  • Authors who can affirm the historical orthodox creeds of Christianity (being Reformed in perspective would be good, but not necessary)
  • At least illustrates or illumines gospel truths in some way
  • Unpublished manuscripts, though we would consider self-published ones if they are exceptionally good
  • No gratuitous content or profanity, though adult themes are okay
  • A variety of genres will be considered, except…
  • No children’s books (at this point)
  • No romance-only or romance-heavy stories (though it could be a part of a broader story, if done well)


Rachel Pellegrino; Little Lamb Books

Rachel Pellegrino is the founder and publisher of Little Lamb Books, an independent publisher of faith-based fiction for elementary, middle grade, and young adult readers. She launched Little Lamb Books, a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), to give readers ages 5 to 18 a chance to read creative stories, meet intriguing characters, and wander through interesting worlds while developing, learning about, and growing their faith. Rachel is Italian, which means she talks with her hands most of the time, a Pepsi drinker, a professional photographer, and a fan of all things Alice in Wonderland.
Rachel/Little Lamb Books is currently open to submissions. Rachel is looking specifically for picture books with colorful characters and strong storylines that encourage kids to be who God created them to be, inspire them to help and serve others, and teach them how to be strong and courageous. She is also actively seeking MG and YA books founded on biblical principals that build intricate worlds, have a mystery/puzzle/riddle to solve, revolve around feisty heroes/heroines, and/or utilize bold action.


Travis Perry; Editor, Bear Publications

Travis is mainly looking for short fiction that can fit into the anthologies his press publishes. But he is also looking for unique novels and nonfiction related to speculative fiction (e.g. he published Leila Rose Foreman’s Writing Speculative Fiction).


Cyle Young; Agent, Hartline Literary Agency

I represent books in both the Christian and General markets. Trends I’m Looking for: HAPA, Own Voices, Non-Caucasian Characters, Christian Non-fiction, African American, Non-European Settings or Societies (Sci-Fi/Fantasy), Non-male protagonist (Sci-fi/Fantasy)

You can find a detailed list, by genre, of what I would like to acquire here.


Jesse Doogan; Editor, Tyndale Publishing
We are looking for YA and middle-grade fiction with a strong Christian wordview (if not overtly Christian), that has a strong hook and excellent writing. We like books that are issues-driven but not preachy. We’re open to fantasy, spiritual warfare/supernatural, and sci-fi. Any books in the supernatural realm or that use biblical language need to have a firm biblical basis. (We’re probably not going to accept books about demons being reformed/getting saved, angels and people falling in love, or angels who are basically fairies.) We also require our books to be PG-rated. Tyndale Kids publishes books for ages 0-18.


Lisa Mangum; Editor, Shadow Mountain Publishing

Shadow Mountain is looking for well-written, compelling fantasy for middle grade, YA, and adult readers. I am particularly interested in seeing new twists on familiar tropes. I also like stories with strong themes about family. I am also looking for general fiction/women’s fiction for adults. I’m not interested in horror.

Our submission guidelines (and online submission process) are available at this address.


Steve Laube; Owner and Agent, Steve Laube Agency

Steve is the picture of flexibility. He says he will look at anything.


Diana Pho; Editor, Tor Books

What I always look for in a submission
A strong emotional core, layered world-building, complex characters, nuanced relationships, and forward-moving plots. My reading tastes walk the line between literary and commercial; I want clever books without pretension.

Top on my priority list are multicultural narratives with authentic characters that portray experiences from marginalized perspectives—whether they encompass gender, gender presentation, sexuality, race/ethnicity, body type, neurodivergent, socioeconomic class, religious status, or disability. I’m especially interested in supporting marginalized writers.

What Im looking for right now
More science fiction across the board: novel-length (adult or YA), novella (adult only) and graphic novels (adult only). Subgenres/topics include near-future and high-concept science fiction. Transhumanism, virtual realities, time travel, the multiverse, climate dystopias (or utopias!), cyberpunk multinational futures, afrofuturism, and positive/optimistic SFF are all up my alley. No space opera please.

I’m also looking for contemporary fantasy with a commercial hook, but to a lesser extent. I also like fantasy with a “horror/ occult vibe” but is not strictly defined as horror. Think of Stranger Things, Welcome to Night Vale, Gravity Falls, Guillermo del Toro films, as appropriate examples.

What I’m not looking for
Science fiction/fantasy romance (unless it is LGBTQ), steampunk, horror with excessive violence or gore, YA dystopias, historical fantasy, epic fantasy


Janeen Ippolito; Editor, Uncommon Universes Press

At Uncommon Universes Press, we delight in fresh world-building with strong character voices and potent plots.

We love stories that own their genre–whether steampunk, paranormal romance, epic fantasy, or space opera–with unique twists and compelling conflicts. And a side of dry wit or snark is always welcome!


Amy Williams; Editor, Crosshair Press

Currently we are interested in genres including action/adventure, romantic comedies, space operas, science fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, and steampunk.


Michele Harper; Editor, Love 2 Read, Love 2 Write Publishing 

Love2ReadLove2Write Publishing is a small traditional press, dedicated to clean or Christian Speculative fiction.