2016 Winner: Carrie Ann Noble for The Mermaid's Sister

The Realm Awards


The Faith and Fantasy Alliance has created the Realm Awards to recognize the most excellent speculative fiction books written by Christian authors in the previous calendar year.




The Realm Awards Categories

  • Science fiction
  • Fantasy
  • YA
  • Supernatural /Paranormal
  • Horror/Other
  • Debut

The winners of each category will receive a certificate of honor at the Quill Pen Editorial Awards Dinner, Friday night at Realm Makers 2017. Entries that fall within the five highest scoring books, across all categories, will move on to the Book of the Year (final) round of judging.

The three final round judges will not have access to the previous category scores. All five entries will start on level footing. It’s anyone’s game.

The winner of the Book of the Year award will receive a commemorative plaque and a cash prize of $250.

Final round judges for 2016 will be Julie Gwinn, Lisa Mangum, and E. Stephen Burnett.

Eligibility Criteria


The contest opens on January 1, 2017. Entries will be accepted for three weeks.


The deadline for submissions is Sunday, January 22, at 12 midnight (EST).


The entry fee is $35.00 per category, plus the published book in eBook format


Entries must have been published in 2016—either traditionally or indie-published.

Entries must be novel-length (Over 50,000 words for YA, over 60,000 words all other categories)

Only the author can enter.

Subsequent editions and/or republications are not eligible.

  • This includes books that were independently published in a previous year but then published by a traditional publisher in the contest year.


Books can be entered in a maximum of 2 categories, but the entry fee must be paid for each submission.


Entries must be speculative fiction published by a Christian author. This is, after all, why Realm Makers exists. Does that mean it must have an obvious Christian message? Absolutely not. It means the author will need to agree to our Statement of Faith. We’re looking for amazing speculative fiction written by Christians. That’s it.


To enter, follow the link below, submit payment, and upload your .mobi file for judging. If you will be utilizing NetGalley to give us contest copies, there will be a check box to indicate this on the entry form. A contest representative will follow up with you to make arrangements to receive your work. Please be sure to make your publisher aware that contest copies still need to be received by the January 22 deadline.