NEW FOR 2017!


We’re giving readers a voice!


The reader’s choice award for Realm Makers is the Alliance Award.



Eligibility Criteria


Reader nominations will open on March 1, 2017 and will close on March 15, 2017.


Eligible books must have been

  • published in 2016, either traditionally or self-published.
  • written by a Christian author.
  • published in a speculative fiction genre.


Readers will fill out an online form to nominate their favorite book(s).


Voting will be based on a star system. Readers will rate the nominated books that they have read.


Voting Rounds:

  • First round will determine Top 10.
  • Second round will determine Top 3.
  • Final round will determine winner, which will be announced at the Realm Makers Awards Banquet in July.