The Realm Awards

Book of the Year: Frayed by Kerry Nietz

Debut Novel: Terra Soul by S.J. Abraham

Science Fiction: Frayed by Kerry Nietz

Fantasy: A Green and Ancient Light by Frederic S. Durbin

Young Adult: Ultimate Nyssa Glass by H.L. Burke

Supernatural/Horror/Other: Tainted by Morgan L. Busse







Alliance Award (Reader’s Choice):

A Time to Rise by Nadine Brandes




Parable Award (Cover Design):

A Stolen Kiss by Kelsey Keating, Cover by Jenny Zemanek







The Realm Awards

Book of the Year: The Mermaid’s Sister by Carrie Anne Noble

Debut Novel: Into the Fire by Kim Vandel

Science Fiction: Hive by John Otte

Fantasy: The Shock of Night by Patrick Carr

Young Adult: The Mermaid’s Sister by Carrie Anne Noble

Supernatural/Horror/Other: Amish Zombies from Space by Kerry Nietz







Parable Award:

The Bloodheart by Steve Rzasa; Cover by Kirk DouPonce






Parable Award:

The Ghost Box by Mike Duran; Cover by Kirk DouPonce









Parable Award:

Numb by John Otte; Cover by Alexandre Rito






Parable Award:

Divine Summons by Rebecca P. Minor; Cover by Christina Hess