Into the Mind of Mary Weber

Hi Realmies, glad you’re here again for our next interview featuring Mary Weber. We are so excited to see what Mary has to say, so let’s dive on into her mind, shall we?


Are you a panster or a plotter?

Both! I type up a synopsis and rough outline – and then pants the rest. That is, until I get to the near-mid-section and, as David Farland mentioned in his interview here, freak out that my book is terrible. Then I sit down and rework it, and plot the last half before pantsing it again. (But seriously, if you’ve not read David’s interview and writing advice – GO DO IT. Good stuff.)


What is one piece of writing advice someone has given you that actually helped you?

Hire a writing mentor. A successful one. You and your creative soul are worth the investment.


What was your favorite movie as a child?

As a child? I’m going to say Star Wars. (Followed by the show 21 Jump Street because Johnny Depp, ahem.) As an adult, my favorites are Babe (yes, the pig one, because I cry every freaking time) and Underworld.



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